At REDCOM EMS, we combine modern automation equipment and highly skilled manual assembly to give you the best mix of quality, cost, and speed. All of our engineers, project managers, customer service representatives, and manufacturing personnel reside at our state-of-the-art 140,000 sq. ft. facility in Western New York state.

Surface Mount Technology Lines

REDCOM EMS is equipped with two high volume SMT lines which enable us to insert up to 150,000 components per hour.

SMT Line 4

Optimized for high volume, low-to-medium mix

  • Installed in 2019
  • Ekra Serio 4000 Compact
  • 2 Universal Fuzion Pick and Place machines
    • Fuzion 2-60
    • Fuzion 2-37 with PTF
  • Heller 1826 Mark5 Reflow Oven
  • Mycronic 5K 2D AOI

SMT Line 3

Optimized for medium volume, medium-high mix

  • Installed in 2013
  • MPM Momentum Stencil Printer
  • Universal Fuzion 2-37 with PTF
  • Vitronics Soltec XPM3m
  • Mycronic 5K 2D AOI

Additional Functionality

In addition to our primary SMT production lines, REDCOM EMS also has a brand new high-precision conformal coating machine, an aqueous board wash system, a high-end 3D printer, and rework/test equipment.

AON-M2 Industrial 3D Printer

  • 3D prints the world’s strongest aerospace-grade thermoplastics
  • Fabricate high-strength parts for the most demanding conditions
  • Large build envelope: 18x18x25″
  • Materials include PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM™, PSU, PPSU, Polycarbonate, and Nylon
  • Used to create custom parts and custom fixture design

Conformal Coating System

  • TCM 45A_XL and ECO 120
  • 5-axis precision robot using advanced coating applicators to provide consistent application, substantially reduce masking, and minimize rework.
  • Supports acrylics, rubber, urethane, silicone, and water-based coatings
  • Jetting on the Fly ensures a precise selective coating process that is 2-3 times faster than conventional methods.
  • Conformal coating advantages:
    • Prevent current leakage and short-circuits due to moisture and contaminants
    • Allow higher power and closer track spacings
    • Prevent corrosion
    • Improved solder joint life and reduce fatigue

Through-Hole/Mixed Technology Equipment

  • Nordson SELECT KISS-104 (stand-alone selective solder)
    • Lead-free (3 mm to 30mm)
    • Leaded (3 mm to 30mm)
    • Lead-free wave solder
  • Electrovert EPK Leaded Wave Solder
  • Universal Multimod & VCD
  • CS400-C

Testing & Rework

  • Glenbrook X-Ray machine
    • Ultra high resolution, powerful microfocus x-ray tubes
    • Precision imaging ensures product quality for electronic assemblies
  • AirVac hot air rework station
    • 7-axis rework robot provides an unparalleled level of automation and process control for rework and assembly
    • Applications include Lead-Free, 0201, Flip Chip, Micro BGA/CSP, MEMS, Optoelectronics, Microwave, MLF’s and other devices. Existing technology including BGA, CSP, Leaded Devices and Surface Mount Connectors can also be easily accommodated.


  • FactoryLogix Manufacturing Execution System
  • Secure Enterprise Resource Planning System
  • SolidWorks 2019
  • Simplify 3D