Conformal Coating

December 2, 2019

What is conformal coating?

A conformal coating is a protective film that covers certain areas on a circuit board. The coating is typically a 25-75¬Ķm thick polymer film that protects and insulates a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The coating creates a breathable layer that protects against moisture and airborne contaminants while allowing moisture to escape the board.

What is conformal coating services REDCOM EMS


Why use conformal coating?

Conformal coating is used to protect PCBs from damage caused by several external elements associated with harsh environments such as salt spray, moisture, airborne contaminants, shock, temperature variations, and vibrations.

In addition to forming a protective barrier, the conformal coating also increases insulation. This can drastically reduce the spacing needed in PCB conductors.


Conformal Coating Machine for PCB from REDCOM EMS


Who should use conformal coating?

If your PCB will be subject to harsh working environments, a conformal coating may be able to extend the life of the PCB and prevent harmful degradation. Since many of REDCOM EMS’s customers are in the industrial, military, and aerospace industries, conformal coating is particularly¬†attractive to them.

Using selective automotive spray, REDCOM EMS ensures consistent results and can coat boards with precision while minimizing human interaction. See our video below on conformal coating: