When it comes to electronics manufacturing services, you don’t have to settle for a partner who only has expertise in parts of the total process. Our manufacturing experience as both an OEM and CM enables us to offer a unique perspective to help you minimize costs, achieve the highest quality, and improve manufacturability.

The REDCOM EMS team will apply our four decades of experience at every stage of the product release cycle — from concept review through detailed design and prototyping, to volume production and end-of-life support. You can rely on us to deliver your product faster, allowing you to maximize your share of the market.

Using our experience as engineers and problem solvers, we can develop a creative solution to overcome your toughest manufacturing challenges.

  • Custom fixture design
  • Non-Traditional Assembly
  • Custom Component Fabrication


Design: we have an established relationship with proven design firms


“One of the greatest compliments we get from our customers is our ability to pull the rabbit out of the hat”

the boxes below this might go on the NPI page:

Comprehensive Suite of DFx Services

Design for:

  • Assembly – System-Level Mechanical Assembly
  • Automated Assembly – Automated Assembly Processes & Tools
  • Cost – Total Product Cost
  • Environment – Environmental Impacts & Regulations
  • Logistics – Transportation & Logistics Costs
  • Manufacturability – PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) Process
  • Sourcing – Strategic Vendors & Supply Chain Risk

Determine Bill of Materials (BOM)

For a new product, designers will often compile a list of the components thought to be required. This preliminary BOM is a long way from being production-ready. Here are some of the problems we consistently find with devices appearing on preliminary BOMs:

  • Availability (and End-of-Life issues)
  • Cost-effectiveness


  • Consolidated BOMs
  • Economies of scale
  • ERP: centralized across the entire organizaiton
    • ECO control/revision control
    • Secure access to information
  • BOM cleansing
  • Established supplier relationships
  • Supply chain management
  • Notification PCN (possible change notice)
  • Fixture Design
  • Test – functional, basic, and comprehensive