Lauren Iuranich Accepted into Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce CLIMB Program

September 29, 2020

REDCOM and REDCOM EMS are pleased to announce that Lauren Iuranich, Quality Assurance Manager for REDCOM EMS has recently been accepted into the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s CLIMB Program. At REDCOM EMS, Lauren is responsible for managing the company’s comprehensive Quality Management System, along with the day-to-day quality management of manufacturing such as secondary inspections, troubleshooting, and working towards a lean manufacturing environment.



“I was recommended for the program by Courtney Stiles, who was in the program last year, and REDCOM decided to nominate me,” said Lauren. “I’m honored to have been nominated and selected for the program, and I appreciate the investment that REDCOM is putting into developing my leadership skills, which I plan to use to help the company grow and become even more competitive in the industry.”

The CLIMB Program was created to allow young professionals from local companies who exhibit stellar leadership, vision, and integrity to learn from some of the most successful leaders in our region. It is a ten-month program where participants are given personalized leadership development training, provided the opportunity to attend seminars from successful corporate executives, and discuss issues facing our communities with political leaders.

“Being a young professional moving into my first management role, this program is going to provide me with the knowledge and support I need to start this journey, and I hope that it will help me effectively lead my team. I plan on sharing this knowledge among my colleagues within the EMS team, with the goal of establishing the leadership culture required of a successful organization to face the multitude of dynamic business challenges.”