With hacks and data breaches making the news every day, companies need to be more conscious of security than ever before. If you’re developing a new, innovative, or proprietary product, you need 100% confidence that your intellectual property won’t end up in the hands of a competitor or foreign country.

REDCOM EMS has you covered. We have been manufacturing for highly secretive enterprise, military, and government customers for decades. They trust us with their most sensitive designs and information because they know REDCOM EMS has the controls in place to secure their projects from start to finish.

We go beyond the typical NDA to keep your IP secure

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) — SCIFs ensure that no one sees your documentation or project except those with clearance. Any non-cleared staff who enter must remain under the constant supervision of cleared personnel, and they must surrender all recording, photographic, and other electronic media devices. Any communication inside the room is restricted from public disclosure.
  • NIST compliant to 800-171 — the NIST Cybersecurity Framework provides a robust framework of computer security guidance allowing private-sector organizations in the United States to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks and theft of intellectual property. Our facility is fully NIST-Certified.
  • Subcontractor Clearance — we require all of our subcontractors to maintain ISO clearance and strict confidentiality.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) — we employ a secure ERP system that grants access only to those individuals necessary to the manufacturing process.

Secure supply chain management

When you partner with REDCOM EMS, you don’t have to be concerned about counterfeit parts and sub-par materials. We work only with vetted and trusted suppliers to ensure that we source the best and most reliable components for every job.