Lumetrics: a focus on precision

REDCOM EMS is working with Rochester-based Lumetrics to supply all of the custom circuit boards for their OptiGauge® product. OptiGauge is an incredibly accurate non-contact, non-destructive thickness measurement system that helps factories, R&D labs, and medical companies improve product yield, maximize quality, and reduce costs.

“We are proud to partner with REDCOM EMS as a key supplier of printed circuit boards for our OptiGauge product line. REDCOM’s components are consistently reliable, giving us complete confidence as we build and ship OptiGauge to our customers,” said Lumetrics President John Hart.

“OptiGauge has enabled us to immediately identify abnormalities in prototypes, isolate the cause, and take corrective actions,” said Andy Thatcher, Associate Manager, Operations and Client Relations of TESco. “The speed with which we were able to make changes to the process as we moved from startup to fine-tuning reduced the time to produce qualified product from 4-6 months to just weeks.”

Lumetrics OptiGauge® II