REDCOM EMS is working with Mission Critical Mobile Antenna Company, STI-CO. We supply the printed circuit boards for the filter application that is part of the PTC (positive train control) Dual Track Antenna System. This component filters out white noise and all other interference to give the antenna a true signal.

STI-CO heard about REDCOM EMS from a few other companies, and once notified that they would no longer be supported by their previous manufacturer, they looked to REDCOM EMS. Also based in Upstate New York, and serving their markets for over 50 years, STI-CO appreciates the parallels they encounter working with REDCOM. “We’re a woman-owned business with a long history, and so is REDCOM,” mentioned Joe Collura, Senior Operations Manager at STI-CO. The similarities in culture helped Joe and his team know they were working with a manufacturer they could really trust.

“Not only does REDCOM EMS have a great price and great quality product, but their service goes above and beyond,” remarked Collura. “REDCOM EMS is extremely solution-based and technology-driven. They are more than just a vendor – they’re a real partner – always giving us input, suggestions, cost-cutting ideas, the list goes on.”

REDCOM EMS works hand-in-hand with STI-CO, working on customized tooling to help make their product better while remaining in compliance with standards and expectations. “Working with REDCOM, there’s never a delay in communication,” said Collura. “They’re always ready to answer any questions and work with us to figure out a solution. They’re really good at what they do.”

PTC Dual Track Antenna System