Unimar Inc., a worldwide supplier of tower lighting and obstruction lighting products, has been manufacturing standard and custom controllers since 1989. REDCOM EMS has been working with Unimar since REDCOM EMS’s inception in 2015 supporting the manufacture of Unimar’s current and development programs.

Pleased with REDCOM EMS’s dependability and service, Unimar began inviting REDCOM EMS into development programs providing DFM input to support a cost-effective and manufacturable solution. Unimar realizes that REDCOM EMS is up to the challenges associated with development programs, and is fully capable of handling Unimar’s rigid design constraints.

“We have found that REDCOM EMS is a world-class vendor providing us with the highest quality products and services, utilizing their excellent material procurement and assembly processes,” said Terry Zarnowski, COO/CTO at (((IoTRight))), a business unit of Unimar. “Their manufacturing staff analyzes our products and suggests changes to improve product reliability and performance. They’re eager to ensure that we are a satisfied customer and go the extra mile to guarantee that it. REDCOM EMS is one of the best suppliers we have.”

REDCOM EMS works seamlessly with Unimar, providing DFx input, competitive pricing, and consistent service from start to finish. Beth Andrews who does the purchasing for Unimar echoes Zarnowski’s sentiment. “Everyone that I have worked with has been very professional and quick to respond to any question I have with an immediate response and frequent updates on every order,” said Andrews. “The follow-up that I receive from REDCOM EMS is a true service and something that you just don’t get from every vendor.”