Lauren Iuranich

Management Team

Lauren Iuranich is REDCOM EMS’s Quality Assurance Manager and is responsible for managing the company’s comprehensive Quality Management System. She is also responsible for the day-to-day quality management of manufacturing such as secondary inspections, troubleshooting, and working towards a lean manufacturing environment. Lauren’s favorite part of her job is the fact that there is no shortage of new challenges to tackle. She enjoys process improvement and making coworker’s jobs easier so that they can focus on being productive. As the manager of the quality management system, Lauren has full visibility of data from the quote process all the way to post-delivery activities and customer satisfaction. She enjoys analyzing the data to find opportunities for improvement and then driving those improvement projects to fruition. Lauren loves curling and went to Junior Nationals in 2010. She met her husband curling and plans to do more once her two kids are old enough to learn. In her limited free time, Lauren also enjoys baking and reading.