The Importance of Printed Circuit Board Repair

January 8, 2020

Printed Circuit Board Repair

When choosing a partner for your PCBA, Prototype, or New Product Introduction (NPI), it’s essential to consider whether or not they offer printed circuit board repair and rework services. A partner that does not offer PCB repair and rework can lead to higher production costs, wasted material, and costly delays in time to market.

Why printed circuit boards fail

Aside from physical damage, the most common reason PCBs require repair and rework is component failure. Component failure can be the result of poor component quality, dislodging, or aging. The most common cause, however, is a poor PCB design. A poor design can lead to power failure, overheated components, and burnt components.

Printed Circuit board repair and rework in New York and Eastern United States

Why PCB repair services are important

Once a design flaw is discovered, it must be corrected immediately. Unless your manufacturing partner offers printed circuit board repair and rework services, altering PCB design mid-production can wreak havoc on your production schedule and budget. The capability to repair and rework PCBs allows the manufacturer to update the boards to match the current specs as closely as possible.

For example

When a REDCOM EMS customer altered the design of their PCB mid-production, REDCOM EMS was able to cut traces in the already produced boards and add additional wiring to circumvent a design flaw. Through leveraging the already produced boards, this rework service saved the customer time and budget in the would-be cost of purchasing new materials.

With our manufacturing team, you get confidence that comes with decades of experience building and repairing advanced custom electronic solutions for customers in a variety of markets, including military, aerospace, energy, transportation, and health care. So when considering a partner for your next printed circuit board assembly, prototype, or new product, make sure to ask if they offer PCB repair and rework services.